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Reference number 2069   (Listed in Apr. 21, 2010) (Categories Mechanics / Information and communication / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Atmosphere and Ocean / Civil Engineering and Architecture)
Integrated Production System Designing Environment
Contents In recent manufacturing, the importance of production systems has become widely recognized that can respond flexibly to the variation in production variety and/or production volume due to reduction in production lead time, diversification of customer needs, and reduction in product cycle time. In the laboratory, they have established a design support system given with a stepwise design process from whole to detail, e.g., from factory through production line and cell to productive resources in designing a production system, and have proposed a master model for consolidating production system information generated by designers. Centering on this model, they have implemented a design manager added with an integrative function that allows for close coordination with commercially available simulators, schedulers, and optimization computation modules, and have also established a designing environment in which production system designers can plan and evaluate better factories through a process of trial and error.
AOYAMA,Kazuhiro, Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Safety Office
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