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Reference number 2080   (Listed in Nov 05, 2009) (Categories Environment and Energy / Mechanics / Information and communication / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Atmosphere and Ocean / Civil Engineering and Architecture)
Applications of Fiber Optic Sensing
Contents This laboratory has been conducting research on the health monitoring of structures using a fiber optic sensor, and obtained many results on application to practical devices. The fiber optic sensor can be used not only for detecting deformation (e.g., distortion, vibration) and temperature, but also for detecting chemical compounds by applying a special processing to the fiber, thereby enabling the easy construction of sensor networks. The main objective is to improve the reliability and safety of devices and structures (e.g., civil and construction engineering structures, boats and ships, aerospace devices, automobiles, turbines, various kinds of plants) by putting fiber optic at the center of forming complexes with other sensors according to intended purpose. Another objective is to extract occurrence patterns of phenomena by processing the data obtained by AI methods (e.g., self-learning, data mining), and use such patterns to predict accidents and durability. They would like to conduct cooperative research with enterprises interested in this research.
MURAYAMA,Hideaki, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
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