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Reference number 2551   (Listed in Nov 05, 2009) (Categories Environment and Energy / Information and communication / Electronics / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Economics, Business administration, Politics, and Jurisprudence / Sociology, Culture, and Education)
Educational Activities for Solar Magnetic Phenomena Obstructing Daily Life
-Phenomena of Solar Flares and Forecasts of Space Weather -
Contents Various activity phenomena on the solar surface have been elucidated in recent years from the observational data obtained from X-ray satellites. Strong magnetism radiated as the result of solar activity causes geomagnetic storms that disrupt TV broadcasts and communications, sometimes even damaging satellites, thereby causing trouble for electric power transmission. Therefore, observing solar activity makes it possible to predict and take measures against such geomagnetic storms that have major influences on daily life. They have accumulated diverse knowledge and data concerning interesting solar activities directly related to daily life, and can offer consultation pertaining to the lectures given and exhibitions displayed based on this theme.
YOKOYAMA,Takaaki, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Science, Department of Earth and Planetary Science
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