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Reference number 2819   (Listed in Apr. 21, 2010) (Categories Information and communication / Electronics / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Atmosphere and Ocean / Civil Engineering and Architecture)
Technology of Fiber Optic Nerve System for Smart Material, Structure and Subscriber Network
Contents When an optical fiber is embedded in structures, such as a bank, a bridge and a dam, and aircraft bodies to monitor the distribution of strain, an accident and destruction can be prevented. Brillouin scattering in the optical fiber is used for this purpose. The laboratory has developed a new method of using optical correlations between pump waves and probe waves with frequency modulation in order to improve spatial resolution, and realized resolutions of up to 1 cm with which the conventional sensing position accuracy is improved by about 2 digits. This method also realizes sampling speeds of tens of Hz, which is 10 thousand times more than the conventional methods so as to dynamically measure the distribution of strain. This technology is being developed for crack detection in concrete and vibration analysis of building models, etc., for its future commercialization. In addition, they realized, as application of the "synthesis of optical coherence function", which they developed, a method of monitoring a state of an optical circuit in a subscriber's home from a station several km away from it with a resolution of 1 cm within an optical network. We seek collaboration with a relevant company or institution with an aim toward further developing applications for this new photonics sensing.
HOTATE,Kazuo, Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
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