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Reference number 3018   (Listed in Mar. 10, 2009) (Categories Biotechnology / Medical and pharmaceutical sciences / Agriculture, Forestry, fisheries, and Food / Environment and Energy / Materials / Mechanics / Information and communication / Electronics / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Atmosphere and Ocean / Economics, Business administration, Politics, and Jurisprudence / Civil Engineering and Architecture / Sociology, Culture, and Education / Fundamental science)
Mathematical Support Center for Advanced Research
Contents It is often said that mathematics is a branch of learning that supports the fundamentals of science and engineering. Mathematics is also a language describing the modern sciences and engineering, and not only has a long history but also is now making a great deal of progress.
It is increasingly important to effectively utilize mathematics not only in the field of civil, engineering, mechanics, information/communication, and electronics but also, thesedays, in the fields of material science, environment, oceanography, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, medicine and pharmacy. Also in social science fields such as economics and management, various mathematical approaches such as mathematical finance are utilized. Further, partial differential equations are used in developing new materials, while advanced geometries are used in determining molecular structures in biotechnology fields. Applying the latest mathematical achievements directly to advanced researches in industrial fields would offer great benefits.
The laboratory specializes in mathematics, and so we hope to introduce potential mathematics researchers (including off-campus ones as appropriate) to you if you require sophisticated expertise to address various issues mathematically or mathematical questions arise.
GIGA, Yoshikazu, Professor
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematical Sciences
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