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Reference number 3020   (Listed in Apr. 21, 2010) (Categories Materials / Mechanics / Information and communication / Electronics / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Fundamental science)
Next Generation Photodetector
Contents In the laboratory, they have been advancing the research of neutrino observation and proton decay by Super-Kamiokande. Super-Kamiokande is a system in which photodetectors (photoelectron multipliers) are arranged on the inner surface of a water tank and the Cherenkov light generated in water is captured.
A next-generation water Cherenkov type experiment system of a larger size is currently in the planning stages. To this end, high-performance and inexpensive photodetectors will be required.
We seek collaboration with a relevant company or institution with an aim toward further developing an innovative amplifying method or manufacturing process of flat panel detectors by new material glasses.
NAKAHATA,Masayuki, Professor
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, Kamioka Observatory
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