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Reference number 3683   (Listed in Apr. 21, 2010) (Categories Materials / Mechanics / Aeronautics and Cosmology)
Diagnosis Technique for Internal Engine Combustion, Plasma Wind Tunnels using a Portable System
-Application of Diagnostic Technology using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy-
Contents The laboratory has carried out research on high enthalpy fluids and has developed a measurement device which enables internal diagnosis of high enthalpy air flow including high-temperature gas and combustion gas. This measurement device can measure the oxygen atom density distribution, translational temperature distribution and velocity distribution of high enthalpy flow with high accuracy using oxygen atom absorption. In addition, this device is portable and has easy alignment characteristics, which were inaccessible in conventional laser-induced fluorescence method. Recently, we were successful at improving analytical sensitivity by double digits by making use of resonance. We are hoping to conduct collaborative research regarding diagnosing and analyzing high enthalpy flow for internal engine combustion, plasma wind tunnels using this device.
KOMURASAKI,Kimiya, Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Department of Advanced Energy


Example of Translational Temperature of Plasma Jet

Plasma Jet
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