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Reference number 3691   (Listed in Nov 05, 2009) (Categories Environment and Energy / Aeronautics and Cosmology)
Deployment of Maneuverability Analysis Techniques for Airplanes and Automobiles
- Neural-Network-Based Analysis and Application to Training Systems
Contents In the laboratory, they have been studying on neural-network-based learning of operations when pilots fly airplanes. They have already developed an analytical system in which with the cooperation of airlines, data from training flight simulators by new and seasoned pilots and video-recorded actual flying data can be obtained and compared with each other. They have revealed how pilots know the motional state of the airframe from visual information (e.g. the angle of runway, horizontal line, and marker positions) during landing and use it for their operations and how it is different between new and seasoned pilots, and recognized that the system is useful for training of flying skills. This technique is applicable not only to flight training but also, widely, to driving training and instructional training for operations of various instruments that require keeping pace with fast-changing events and for sportive motions. We hope to work with your company if you are interested in this study.
SUZUKI, Shinji, Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Fig.1 Data Acquisition in a Business Jet (with Asahi Shimbun)
(C) SUZUKI,Shinji
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