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Reference number 3720   (Listed in Apr. 21, 2010) (Categories Mechanics / Information and communication / Aeronautics and Cosmology / Civil Engineering and Architecture)
Analysis Technology Based Upon Multiscale Modeling
Contents The laboratory has developed a flexible and highly precise analysis method for a large-scale system in which a large area and a local area, which overlaps with the large area, are analyzed at the same time in combination with each other. The mesh of the entire structure is left untouched and detailed mesh can be overlapped in a part to be analyzed in further detail. Thus, an analysis model can be remarkably easy to create. This is applied to a fatigue analysis of a large-scale structure, a spot welding part and crack development analysis, along with a shape optimization design, etc. We seek collaboration with a relevant company or institution with an aim toward developing applications based on the analysis modeling technology.
SUZUKI, Katsuyuki, Professor
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering (RACE)
Graduate School of Engineering, Safety Office


Shape Optimization Design using Multiscale Modeling
(C) SUZUKI,Katsuyuki

Crack Development Analysis
(C) SUZUKI,Katsuyuki
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