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Reference number 3737   (Listed in Nov 05, 2009) (Categories Environment and Energy / Mechanics / Aeronautics and Cosmology)
Active Control of Unstable Flow Phenomenon inside Fluid Machine
Contents In the laboratory, they conduct research on jet engines and turbo machines etc. and have a number of experimental facilities and apparatuses required for analyses of high-velocity flow generated inside these devices. They have conducted numerical fluid analyses with utilizing their substantial calculating environment, and thus held a great number of research results. Based on those results, they conduct research on suppression of the flutter phenomenon due to unstable flow generated inside fluid machines, and also research on active control of using the smart structure (applying a shape-memory alloy or a piezo element) as a rotor blade (or a stator blade), and confirm their results by simulation and experiments. They also confirm that the rotating stall can be controlled by actively adding the air flow. We wish to conduct collaborative research with companies etc. who are interested in the research.
WATANABE,Toshinori, Professor
Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Example of Suppressing Unstable Oscillation of Blade by Installing a Piezo Element and Actively Shaking a Rear Edge of Compressor Blade
It shows results of structure-fluid coupled analysis. The effectiveness of control is also confirmed in experiment.
(C) WATANABE,Toshinori
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