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Reference number 6068   (Listed in Mar. 29, 2013) (Categories Environment and Energy / Aeronautics and Cosmology)
Prediction of Volcanic Ash Diffusion by Volcanic Explosion and Its Exploitation to Airway Safety
Contents In the laboratory, they have been conducting research focusing on volcanic phenomena and have configured numerical models representing generation and ascent of magma, dynamics of pyroclastic flows and volcanic clouds, diffusion/travel of volcanic ash in the stratosphere, and the like.
As a research object for a study carried out in partnership with industry, they propose "Prediction of volcanic ash diffusion by volcanic explosion and its exploitation to airway safety." They have succeeded in an accurate representation of turbulent motions of volcanic clouds in an explosive eruption through numerical calculations (refer to the following figure). By assuming that this calculation results as a volcanic ash source and associating it with a diffusion model in the atmosphere, a helpful numerical model can be provided. For example, aircraft engines failure due to intake of volcanic ash can be prevented by means of this model. They would like to conduct joint research with engineers in such technical fields for more precise models and exploitation of this technology.

[This proposal was translated in English by the Division of University Corporate Relations, the University of Tokyo.]
KOYAGUCHI, Takehiro, Professor
Earthquake Research Institute, Division of Theoretical Geoscience


3D numerical calculation results of volcanic clouds from Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991
Through accurate calculation of a turbulent mixture rate of the atmosphere and volcanic clouds, satellite data of the volcanic cloud motions in the stratosphere was quantitatively represented first in the world.

(C) SUZUKI, Yujiro/ KOYAGUCHI, Takehiro
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