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Reference number 6527   (Listed in Jun 24, 2013) (Categories Materials / Mechanics / Aeronautics and Cosmology)
Micro-Thrusters for Small Satellites
Contents In the laboratory, they conduct research on practical micro-thrusters to be implemented in 10kg-class small satellites. In recent years universities and business enterprises have been actively involved in the development and launching of small satellites. In the next-generation phase, however, satellite orbit and attitude control using thrusters will become essential. So far, they have carried out research on micro-thrusters which utilize laser ignition and combustion of micro solid pellets and laser ablation of solid resin using semiconductor lasers and which can be used under limited space and limited power conditions. In the future, we hope to work together with business enterprises to develop highly reliable thrusters and provide platforms which will enable advanced missions.
KOIZUMI, Hiroyuki, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Department of Advanced Energy


Diagram of Micro-Thruster
(C) KOIZUMI,Hiroyuki

Operation Photograph of Micro-Thruster
(C) KOIZUMI,Hiroyuki
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